Hi my names Katy, welcome to my own little corner of the internet.

This is a project I have wanted to start for such a long time and I’m finally doing it eek!

I’m creative at heart and am passionate about so many things including home renovations, interiors, wellbeing, fashion and lifestyle to name but a few. I used to be a copywriter many years ago and I loved it. I miss writing a lot.  I also love photography and studied it at college although I’m pretty rusty with the camera these days. So, I figured combining these and with the encouragement from friends and family I’d take the plunge in to starting this and just see what happens.

This blog is called the art of wellbeing because I really believe that wellbeing is an art form. For me it encompasses all the things in our lives, and that’s what I’ll be documenting here from things I love to my adventures with family, friends and Louis the Pug.  From empty-headed to deep and meaningful and all that’s in between.

There is no ‘theme’ as such.  I’ll talk about anything and everything. The good, the bad, the ugly. Think of this blog like that kitchen drawer – full of odds and sods, some useful, some not so much. I love to chat, especially about nonsense and its people that make the world go around so if you’ve stopped by, comment or share your experiences and thoughts too. Just be kind, be nice and we’ll all get a long just fine 🙂

Katy x