Well Hi February

It’s goodbye January and hello February already! This last month has gone so fast and I have been really busy with various projects, which is great and a welcome distraction from how crap the weather has been the last week but also some of life’s ‘stuff.’

The new year always motivates me to declutter and clear out. This year I have felt it much more. It feels good to go through absolutely everything and decide whats staying and what’s going. I intend to start of ruthless and then always lose momentum but I have done pretty well and now have an eBay pile as tall as me along with crates of stuff to car boot or go to charity all of which is likely to sit around for ages until I get around to it.

Doing this I feel less guilty when I then sit an trawl through mags looking for new inspiration. I get proper house envy and seem to be on a never ending mission to get a room just right tinkering all the time. I’m more OCD about this stuff as I get older and seem to have developed a cushion obsession but hey ho, could be worse.

When English Homes appeared on the doormat today it was a ‘yay’ day. I get English Homes and Country Homes and Interiors delivered. My husband used to get proper annoyed if I went through them without him – we used to have to do that together and I wasn’t allowed to turn the pages too quickly. In all fairness he was actually a useful contributor to this process because it meant he was normally on board with a new purchase 😉

My style has evolved over time, matured you could say. I still feel like English Home mag is for proper grownups and can be a bit intimidating if Im honest, thats why I like Instagram – inspiration overload! I’m also a bit of a style schizophrenic (that just took ages to spell – google couldn’t even recognise what I was trying to type I got it so wrong) I chop and change my mind all the time. This is ok when it comes to small items like cushions or picture frames but less so if we are talking about Sofas. Which I am, and beds to.   So sometimes I change my mind, restyle a room or spend ages disliking one and wonder whether the house flows right and whether the styles compliment each other? Though, in the spirit of ‘not giving a f**k’ I’m not going to worry about that right now.

So, I’m going through the mags looking for inspiration, rearranging and refreshing the whole house. And as its sh*t weather at the moment, I’ve also gone a bit crazy for flowers to brighten things up a bit and it’s just getting to that time of year when the choice is improving and you don’t need a mortgage for a simple bunch of tulips – 2 for a £5 thank you M&S!

Of course the best part is by clearing out the old, you make way for the new! YAY to that. So it was the perfect time to be working on my February ‘lust list’ which will be
my next post 😉

Katy x

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