Five things from February

I’m really liking this ‘5 things’ post and I’m only the second one in. I find that all month I’m more aware of what I’m really liking and loving and have repeated ‘ooh this might make it to my 5 things post’ moments which I guess is a form of gratitude and mindfulness amd we know that’s good for your wellbeing. This actually leads nicely in to thing number one….


In the moment mindfulness

So much has been said about mindfulness – meditation, being grateful and writing gratitude lists are the buzz words of the moment.  Some people are good with a structured ‘practice’ time set aside, journal space allocated to ‘do’ these ‘good for you’ activities and while that’s great, I’m a bit more sporadic, impulsive and I also struggle with the guilt factor of missing something so official. I operate a little more fluidly and so I’ve just started to think more about being in the moment, what’s pleasing, what’s good at the present time, what have I enjoyed partly because I know I have this post to write each month but also because there is a fair amount of  stress in my life at the moment and I am trying to focus on what’s good to stop me being all consumed by what’s not.

I also believe that you need to ‘feel’ the emotions behind a positive thought as that’s what actually makes the magic happen. Writing down words alone isn’t what has the positive affect, it’s the thought that triggers the emotion which evokes the feeling behind which is a load of positive feel good hormones, our little chemical messengers that, in turn, have a positive effect on our health both mental and physical. I find I can ‘feel’ better when I let my mind wander and don’t have the distraction of ‘you must write down 10 things.’

I could say a lot around this subject but, for the purposes of this post and in the interest of keeping each of my five things ‘brief,’ I’ll simply say that my number one thing this month is just being more aware of all that’s good, all that you appreciate and what makes you smile – in the words of Monty Python, ‘always look on the bright side of life’


Bon Iver

I was incredibly lucky to get Bon Iver tickets back in September for his tour this month and despite the freezing cold and the risk of being stranded on a train somewhere if the weather turned out as bad as the media would have had us believe, I made it to the Hammersmith Apollo (yeah, yeah I know it’s the ‘Eventim Apollo’ but it will always be just the Hammersmith Apollo to me, I’m resisting change) and it was worth the frost bite. Bon Iver is one of my absolute favourite artists so I’m sharing the official video for my favourite track ‘Beth Rest’ which I had never actually seen before and is a bit weird (answers on a postcard) but that aside, if  you don’t know Bon Iver, then I thoroughly recommend you have a listen – you can always shut your eyes.


Rifle paper and L’Occatine

Was there ever a more pretty collab than Rifle Paper and L’Occitane who have created a beautiful little range of goodies for us to swoon over? L’Occitane’s hand cream is one of my faves and I rarely pass a store without popping for a little top up from their tester (thank you L’Occitane). When you combine this products brilliance with the beautiful florals of Rifle’s finest designs it’s a match made in heaven. I mean whats not to love – pretty looking stuff that works? Genius. P.S. I realise I featured a handcream as one of my faves in January but, its cold, my digits are thus still dry and I prefer a well moisturised palm so it’s justified. I will try and have a ‘hand cream free March’ but I’m not promising anything…



I don’t think that Pinterest will ever not be on my top 5. I’m simply hooked. It’s astonishing how motivating a good pin sesh can be that said, it’s also disruptive because what usually follows is rearranging everything in the house and internet shopping. This month I have definitely upped my time on Pinterest because in the back on my mind I know there is a very strong possibility I may have to move in the coming months so I’m ‘brightsiding’ (see thing no 1) by barraging myself with mosaic tiles, dream bathrooms and kitchen designs. Pinterest is definitely my number one place for inspiration for the home I also use it for fashion and recipe inspo – you can usually tell what mood I’m in by what I’ve been pining and it can vary wildly – one minute its urban cool, clean eating yoga inspired hipster the next it’s sharp dressed, modern country, fine dining chic. But that’s the beauty of Pinterest. If you want to follow me on Pinterest I’m Katyebh.


Pink Sofas

Well this was always going to be show up in one of these posts because it has literally been one of my favourite things ever. This beauty arrived into my life right at the beginning of the month and I’ve been crushing on it ever since as have most of my followers on Instagram. It is a thing of beauty, I find myself pausing to just stand and stare at it – who knew a sofa could be so mesmerising. I have wanted a pink sofa for so long so was absolutely delighted when, on an unplanned trip to John Lewis , I saw this beauty from Loaf half price – HALF PRICE. It was the exact one I wanted so to me that was fate. It had been on the shop floor for all of 10 minutes so it really was lucky timing – the universe wanted me to have it. Design wise, it’s a bold move for me, I tend to stick to slightly muted colour pallets normally but as I’d just renovated a piece of furniture and painted that pink (you can read about that here) I decided to go for it and I’m glad I did!  The number one reason people gave when they said they’d love a pink sofa but couldn’t have one was the husband. Luckily for me I don’t have that problem – every cloud.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading 🙂


Katy x

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  1. Karen 6th March 2018 / 10:58 am

    So sad that you might have to leave your beautiful home! Sometimes though, the change ends up being something that you look back on and end up being so grateful for….new start, new memories and all that. I have no doubt at all that you will create a home every bit as beautiful all over again. Also, love the mindfulness concept. My January/February has been all kinds of rough (work/people/work). Just coming up for air now and this is a concept that I am really happy to focus on. A time for shifting priorities and focus on what makes me happy for a change. Here’s to spring and happy thoughts! (and that pink sofa rocks!) x

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