Probably the worlds best smoothie?

Anyone who I’ve shared this smoothie recipe with has quickly become addicted. I have friends that now have this for breakfast everyday (as do I) and some that have adapted their own to using the ingredients in mine.

I shared it on my Instagram feed a little while ago but decided to share it here and go in to a little more detail as to why its so great. It’s pretty delicious and packed full of beautyfying goodness. Simply put – it’s a game changer.

I have tried literally hundreds of smoothies but this one is my go to. It’s so easy and is normally my breakfast every morning. I never get bored of it, on the contrary, I actually crave it each day.

I make my smoothies in my Nutri bullet. I have had several blenders but this one was worth the investment and I use it all the time.


The magic ingredients

Frozen berries – I use Raspberries, Strawberries and Blueberries. I freeze them because it gives the smoothie well more smoothie-ness – think slush puppy but creamy – yum!  I use about 4-5 Raspberries, 1-2 Strawberries and 7-8 Blueberries.

1/2 Frozen Banana – Bananas in smoothies add more creaminess and it is the main source of sweetness in this one. You could use a whole banana if you wanted but I find 1/2 is enough for me.

Goji berries – You don’t need to add these but I do because it’s an antioxidant boost and I quite like the flavour. I don’t use any more than a tablespoon because the flavour can be strong. There’s no need to soak them, I just bung them straight in. If you can’t get dried berries, then this powder supplement is also great.

Bee Pollen – these little magic balls are a great superfood and provide a huge amount of goodness. It’s said that humans could survive off of just bee pollen as it contains all of the nutrients that we need. It’s a powerhouse of vitamins including b complex as well as being packed with amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes all essential for growth and repair – a true superfood! Half to a whole tablespoon will do.

Acai powder – really simply, it’s one of the best antioxidants out there. Acai has been recognised as one of the world’s highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) foods. ORAC is a measurement of how well antioxidants can neutralise free radicals. It’s also great for digestion as it’s full of fibre, it’s packed with amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins so also great for heart health and our bodies growth and repair mechanism. I use about half to a whole table spoon. It’s not an easy one to find on the supermarket shelf but you can find it online – I like Kiki healths Acai powder.

Peanut butter – this takes it from good to great. I don’t always use it but when I’m after a treat, I chuck in about a tablespoon of my favourite Whole Earth peanut butter – oh my word it tastes amazing! In terms of goodness, although it is a little high in calories, it’s a good source of protein!

Cinnamon – it’s a question of taste with cinnamon some people love it some people hate it. I use it because it’s great for balancing blood sugar – a little sprinkle is all you need but leave it out if it’s not your thing.

Kefir – this stuff is a weird but wonderful product. Growing in popularity, Kefir is basically an extremely potent yogurt. Made from milk, its absolutely packed with probiotics (good bacteria) which is essential for gut health and overall immunity (immunity starts in the gut). If I ever feel a little dodgy, I always reach for a probiotic of some kind. Adding Kefir to your smoothie helps you build your gut health and it also provides some serious creaminess. I use Kefir to make up about a third of the liquid (dependant on the size of your vessel). You could use yogurt if you can’t get hold of Kefir, I would recommend a probiotic yogurt but, if you don’t ‘do’ dairy, then leave it out and just double-up on the next ingredient.

Nut milk – even though I use a dairy product in this smoothie (Kefir), I don’t actually like milk. I never drink it and don’t use it on cereal in fact, the only time I have it is in tea. That said, I like my smoothies to be creamy so, I use a nut milk. I prefer Almond milk but you can use whatever you like. I don’t advocate using soy milk mostly because there is a lot of questions marks over the use of Soya products – it tends to be overly processed and has an estrogenic effect on the body and thats not always great for health as it has been linked to cancer. So, I tend to steer clear of soy products but if you do like soy then go for as natural and unprocessed as possible and preferably organic.

Ice – I always throw in a few ice cubes to get that extra slush-puppyness and it also keeps it cold while I faff about in the morning (often leaving my smoothie somewhere and taking ages to find it again) but its entirely optional.

Thats it for my regular ingredients. I have also added the following for an extra superfood/healthy boost:

Hemp: great for extra protein, rich in healthy fats and essential fatty acids and a good source of vitamins and minerals especially vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc.

Collagen: I think it goes without saying that if its possible to add in some beauty boosting ingredients then why wouldn’t you? My favourite is the Collagen elixir from The beauty Chef. This yummy collagen supplement that actually tastes amazing on its own (like the medicine you used to get as a kid) but I like to add it too my smoothie.

I really recommend you try this one, you won’t regret it!

Katy x

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