Five things – January

Something I wanted to do new for this year is reflect on each month and pick five things that I have either discovered or have made me smile in some way.  I love ‘share the knowledge’ type posts so hopefully you’ll find some little gems as the year progresses 🙂

January is always a dull month. The festivities are over and lets face it there is never a great deal to look forward to in January. Its generally cold, damp and pretty miserable. This month, I’ve been busy sorting and clearing out stuff (spring cleaning mode hit by Jan 3rd and I’ve been obsessed since). I’ve been working on a few projects, mostly furniture renovation and had some great little trips to antique shops and interiors companies. The house has definitely been getting a refresh and I’ve been injecting a fair bit of ‘pink’ – my latest furniture renovation project is no exception! I’ve also a very welcome new addition on its way which I am beyond excited about!

Anyways, what’s caught my eye or made me smile in Jan…


My five favourite things

1: A good read – I wanted a motivational type book to start the year off with and picked up Sarah Knights latest offering ‘You do you.’ I enjoyed her other books and this one is just as good, in fact it’s great. It’s an ideal book if you need a bit of a pick me up, focus on you type boost – highly recommended 🙂

Sarah Knight, ‘You do you’


2: Something snuggly – At the beginning of the month I raved on about my new Acne Studios Canada scarf (I say scarf but it’s so big its almost a shawl). It literally is my most favourite item at the moment, especially because its so cold. It’s the softest, snuffliest scarf I own and I have barely taken it off. I’ve definitely shifted to an ‘invest in one good piece’ mindset when it comes to wardrobe staples and this is definitely one of those but, its so worth it. I even have my eye on the ‘natural’ colour too. I have the wider version but its also available in a narrower version too here.

Acne Studios ‘Canada’ Scarf 


3: Something yummy – Ok, I know this one might be a tiny bit early but don’t judge until you’ve tried them – OH. MY. WORD. These are, without doubt, my new addiction. Little mouthfuls of Cadbury’s dairy milk and Oreo heaven. There’s only 8 in a bag which is probably a good thing (yet they are only £1 a bag so thats probably a bad thing).

February is meant to be my ‘start to be healthy’ month (January is miserable enough without depriving myself of goodies) but these are a keeper. They will be my treat. I may even stock pile because if these babies disappear after Easter I don’t think I could cope! Try them, you can thank me later.


4: Something cheery – as soon as December made an exit I couldn’t wait to be rid of anything remotely christmasy. As if on cue, spring blooms began popping up in all the shops – ‘straight in my basket.’ I love a tulip, a paper white, a hyacinth – basically ALL spring flowers so I’m soooooo happy to have pretty pastels back in the house. My new obsession is bulbs in vintage jelly moulds so I have been scouring antique shops and have planted up a few. As a ‘Brucey bonus’ (is it still ok to say that)? we have the crocuses and snowdrops peeping through, which means there’s hope – we aren’t stuck in Narnia forever, Spring is coming!


5: Beauty find – My final thing for January is actually two things but, because they are from the same brand, I figured I would count them as one. Two things I pretty much can’t be without are hand cream and lip balm. They are definitely on my ‘desert island take with me/must have’ list (I would be pretty high maintenance on a desert island there’s a lot of ‘must-haves’ as it happens).

A perpetual applier (I can’t stand a dry lip or rough hand) I am constantly on the look out for products that work. I’m a harsh judge and very few products cut the mustard but the Aesop hand cream and lip cream are flipping amazing and look how pretty they are. I haven’t quite been able to allow myself to carry them around with me as these lux little tubes would be a twisted mess after a day in my handbag, but I LOVE them. They work. Simples.

I’m pretty in love with Aesop as a whole (who isn’t) at the moment. I spent an unhealthy amount of time in the Soho store recently and came away armed with freebies to try (result, loitering DOES pay off) so I’m sure more of their products will make it on to my favourites list in the future.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, until next time

Katy x

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  1. Eva 2nd February 2018 / 10:16 pm

    Lovely post,I love a mix of beauty, clothing , treats and good reads- joy of life in a nutshell!!

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