Hi April


How are we in April already?  I suspect this is a sentence that a lot of people say at the beginning of every month, but seriously, wasn’t it JUST Christmas?

It does feel like we have made it out of Winter and are heading full on into Spring pretty quickly and I want it to slow down because the Spring months are my favourite. Spring is to Summer like Christmas eve is to Christmas day – full of the excitement and anticipation and lets face it, sometimes our best weather is in Spring and we spend most of Summer, especially as we hit August, moaning about how crap the weather is and how it’s basically Autumn already.

Anyway, April is here and that means Spring is open for business. We’ve got Easter which is pretty late this year and the Oxford & Cambridge boat race and of course April Fools day today, I’m sure there’s lots of other days but frankly I have left writing this quite late and so minimal research done.

It’s this time of year when we start thinking about major fashion choices like whether its safe to get the ankles out which means a whole host of other things to consider that we don’t have to bother with when hidden away under winter layers like leg beauty regime panic. It’s also a time for painting nails and digging out brighter, fresher make up. I opt for pale corals and nudes on the lips and less of the heavier browns on the eyes and shift to softer taupe’s, pinks and blush colours.

As well as freshening up my make-up I also freshen up my wardrobe. Introducing bright, colours, pastels, lighter layers and little jackets back but being mindful that it’s the dodgy transitional weather time which requires some thought and usually taking extra layers on every outing. I love that I can get back in to wearing pumps and trainers without perishing (check out this post on Spring trainers) and some gung ho brave Brits are likely to even start wearing flip flops, though I don’t approve and even get mildly irritated by those who think the second the suns out it means toes come out too – lets go in gradually people, unless you’re Australian which means you’ve been in boardies and thongs all winter anyway.

In my welcome to March post I mentioned my focus turning outside to the garden, what that really meant for March was wandering around outside, staring bewilderingly at the mess and wondering what on earth to do and whether it might magically transform itself. So, this month requires a little more effort and actually doing something and I will no doubt be playing the ‘weed or plant’ game, start the garden centre trips and thus the annual plant killing season commences.

I’m smugly feeling a little ahead of the game garden wise though having already scarified the lawn (seriously its the most satisfying thing ever – seriously, get involved) I have also jet washed the patio ready for outdoor yoga sessions – successfully getting my sh*t together.

It’s normally about now I like to get everything out of the shed in a bid to ‘spring clean.’ I start of motivated, lay it all out on the lawn then get bored/distracted/procrastinate and put it all back again. This year however, I am on a mission and will be getting the 12 crates (yes 12) of vintage china that I collected several years ago and finally doing something with it. I’m probably going to sell it all so watch this space if you’re a vintage china fan.

Katy x


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