Sneaking in to Spring

This post is supposed to be devoted to footwear but as normal, Louis likes to be included in every picture and you have little choice other than to let him muscle in so, you have shoes and pugs in this post – what’s not to like 😉

I have a real thing about pumps (trainers) at the moment.  I would love to be one of these people who flits about in various heels or fancy shoes everyday but bottom line, I like comfort and so more often than not, I’m a trainers kind of girl. However, in a bid to finally get out of my ‘default’ converse, I have been eyeing up the amazing array of pastel trainers/pumps that are in the shops at the moment and there are tonnes on offer. There is a real trend with pastel pinks, nudes and taupes that just look so pretty. You can be a little more ‘out there’ with bows, ribbons or pom-poms but I prefer to keep it simple.

My (literal) obsession of the moment is with the Vagabond ‘Zoe pump.’ I think these may become my new default. I first saw these on an Insta account in plain white and fell instantly in love. They are simple, stylish and very comfy.  I loved the clean lines and how ‘neat’ they looked. I have them in three colours because I just couldn’t choose and I still can’t so maybe I will just keep all three? I realise this makes me crazy but then the way I justify it is that when you find a style that isn’t likely to be repeated season after season you need to get in there and stock up, I mean who has just one pair of Havianas or Converse for example? As a bonus, the grey were also in the sale so I feel less guilty. Although I am actually considering buying another white pair ‘just to be safe’ I know, I need help…

Louis ‘lazy left eye’ Lopez

Vagabond Zoe – good things come in threes

Thanks Louis

I am also completely in love with the beautiful Air & Grace ‘Copeland’ sneaker (I hate the word sneaker but that’s what they call them). I have them in the glitter which gained almost cult status and were hard to get hold of but they are now back in stock and there are also some other lovely colours and patterns one of which is included down the bottom in my other best picks.

I wasn’t sure the Copeland would be comfortable as they are a slightly bigger/heavier shoe but they really are – surprisingly so. And just look how pretty they are. I mean that glitter!

Air and Grace Copeland

I also have another sparkly old time favourite – my Carvela pumps that I got a few seasons ago. These sat in my wardrobe for ages and I didn’t like them much at first but now I really do! I wasn’t sure whether too include these because it can sometimes annoy me when people post about stuff that’s not in season (and I therefore can’t buy) but these seem to always get loads of love whenever they sneak in to an Insta pic or story so I decided to feature them anyway because they are an example of what’s on trend and what I will be wearing so I have tried to include some alternatives at the end of this post.

Finally, another fave I can’t wait to wear once the weather warms up is what I’m calling the ‘posh’ Toms, they are the ‘Avalon’ style and they aren’t really posh for any other reason that when I got to the till rather than being the usual £40 they were £70. Shockarama. That said, they are suede and they are a different shape to normal Toms so I guess you could say they are more of a shoe which warrants the price hike and of course there is the whole charity aspect to them so fair enough.

Toms  Joggers; last season from Hush – this season’s here


Here’s a few other favourites that you might like



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  1. Hannah 1st April 2017 / 1:33 am

    Oh those Carvelas again. I really do love these. I wish they still had them in stock

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