Meet Louis

It seemed fitting that one of my first posts was dedicated to introducing one of the most photographed pugs on the planet.  Meet Louis.


Louis is my 6 year old Pug. He is bloody hilarious. As probably most pug owners can verify, Pugs mean business, from demanding treats (He’s barking at me right now) to commandeering all the space on the sofas . He really does boss every body about. We even have to sleep around him – YES he sleeps on the bed – sorry Victoria Stillwell. And of course, he is pampered WAY too much so he’s partial to a bit of Sushi, Hummus and Coconut oil. Won’t eat celery though but who will?

Anyways, he’s often the star of my Insta pics and I’m sure he will feature a lot here too. If you have a Pug then yay – you know. If you want any terrible advice about Pug ownership (I think we’ve established that obedience / establishing hierarchy clearly isn’t my thing) then ask away. But in summation top 5 pros & cons to Pug ownership goes as follows:


  • They don’t hump stuff.
  • They are small though Louis won’t get in a handbag, not even a Mulberry. He has standards.
  • Their poos are small which makes picking them up less traumatic.
  • They like cuddles a lot.
  • They are comedians.


  • They snore
  • They rule everyone and everything in your house.
  • They eat anything and everything (except celery) even stuff they shouldn’t.
  • They go bat sh*t crazy at the sight of a bird, bee, cloud – anything in the sky.
  • You’ll never go to the loo / take a shower alone again.

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