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Wow, what a whirlwind few days I’ve just had.

This post is dedicated to the lovely Charlotte at ‘The home that made me’ who invited me to guest post on her beautiful and successful blog having linked up on Instagram.  I had only really started to get more creative and investing in my Instagram account quite recently. I’ve had Instagram for a fair few years but hadn’t done much with it.  The older posts (which I have left in place) show that I wasn’t a serious Instagrammer and loved a dodgy filter (Rise, Hefe, Nashville – so 2014). But recently, as a focus after some difficult times, I really started to put more effort in. I love my home, interiors, wellbeing and lifestyle and Instagram has provided a lot of inspiration for my home and style so being able to curate my page with pictures of my home which appear to be providing inspiration for others is amazing. I don’t have a theme so to speak, I just post what I’m feeling.  Sometimes its Louis, more often or not its my home, but I also post the odd flat lay, something I like and so on. I have to say though, I’ve had ‘post freeze’ since my guest post because with all these new eyes watching, I’ve felt the pressure.  Its been a ‘press post, close eyes, don’t look at the phone for a while and then…… phew type situation).

The Instagram community is lovely.  I’ve had so many nice comments and feedback which have genuinely blown me away.  I have enjoyed every minute of responding to comments and messages and am more than happy to answer the questions people ask.  I know that I have sat there pondering whether to ask a question or comment on posts thinking ‘am I just being annoying?’ I suspect others do to (I generally find that anything I am thinking, that I think I am the only person thinking it, is actually thought by so many others – you still with me)?  So, being on the receiving end of questions and comments, I really do enjoy responding so ask, message and comment away.  Maybe its because I’m a saddo, but I love chatting interiors, where my rug is from, whats in my smoothie, where’s good in Reading to live and so on. Its been great fun.

Louis has been getting his fair share of love too. Before I got him, I would watch You Tube videos of Pugs (I’m really not painting a great picture of myself here am I). So being able to share him with the world is great. And he doesn’t mind, he just gets lots of treats for performing so well so he’s all good.

And so I feel like I have started a little Instagram, blogging journey and it’s been given a little boost by the lovely Charlotte.  She’s one of the accounts I always seek out, I always watch her stories and have been following along her journey for several years.  I said in my guest post that one of the things I love is her ability to find such great bits for the house and often on a tight budget which is just fab. You can read more on my guest post but it all began with some lamps from the Range! Her pictures are so pretty, her home is so beautiful and there’s Mungo the Pug too – whats not to love!

So, I’m truly thankful and honoured to have been asked to guest post for her. Her followers have been truly supportive and its been lovely to chat with so many of them. Ah Instagram, how I love you!

Katy x



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