A little moon magic

As its the new moon this weekend and I’m off to a new moon ‘sound bath’ later today, I thought I’d share a bit about my fascination with the moon.

My ‘moon’ discovery happened when I worked in a newsagent shop as a teenager the when old people used to come in and buy the funny little magazines that sat on the counter – the Farmers’ Almanac. You’ve probably seen them and wondered what they are. Well, when you’re 16 and work in a newsagents boredom comes easily. Having chewed all the gum there is to chew and straightened every last chocolate bar on the shelves (my OCD started early) desperation sets in. And that’s what prompted me to pick up and read the Farmers’ Almanac (we weren’t allowed to read the actual magazines).

As it happens, Farmers Almanacs are actually quite interesting. Ok to be fair, it’s mostly about gardening and weather but, believe it or not it contains a moon phase guide which, farmers use for planting as in, what moon should you plant your parsnips on and that kind of thing! I was like eh? The moon? Parsnips? Yep, its a real thing. Sewing your seeds by the moon phase influences how they grew – who knew! And, so that’s when I started to learn that the moon is actually a pretty big deal. See – boredom IS good for kids…

So that big ball of cheese up there in the sky that houses the little old man who shops in John Lewis is pretty special and does have a big impact on us all. It’s what causes tides (a gravity, moon, sun combo), it’s what makes our days 24 hours (with no moon apparently days would only be 6-8 hours long) it lights up our night skies and has all sorts of effects on the natural world. For more moon facts I recommend ‘The book of the moon’ by Rick Stroud although its a bit tricky to find.

So, it makes sense that if it can effect vegetables it could have quite an effect on us humans too.  Turns out it does.  Did you know the term ‘lunatic’ came from the fact that patients in mental asylums were noted to increase in ‘mental’ behaviour around the full moon! I have a friend who knows its nearing full moon as do all her friends as she goes just a little bit ‘cray cray’.

The moon basically has an effect on every single molecule of every living thing on this planet including our body and mind. If you’re a lady (and I suspect you probably are if you’ve read this far) even a healthy menstrual cycle should align with the moon!

So, it’s not just farmers and gardeners that can use the moon to good effect. We all can. The different phases on the moon have different effects on us. There are basically two main phases in the whole 28 day cycle. The Waxing phase (New to full) and the Waning phase (Full to new). The Waxing phase is when to start things, for getting motivated and setting intentions. The Waning phase is for letting go, moving on and relaxing. If you want to get really ‘woo woo’ you can overlay the astrological aspects for lots more insight. One of my favourite books for explaining this is Moonology by Yasmin Boland. She knows the moon and gives really insightful ways to live by it and use it to your advantage. It’s also an incredibly pretty book to have on display, if a little tricky to photograph.

I’ve started paying a lot more attention to the lovely moon, I keep an eye on what cycle we are in and think about what’s going on around me. In a world full of nonsense, sometimes it’s nice to get back to nature and feel a little more connected to what’s real and it’s kind of comforting that something we take so much for granted was a source of wonder and so well respected by our ancestors.

If you want to learn more, I would definitely take a look at Yasmin’s website www.moonology.com she’s also a whizz at horoscopes and astrology if that’s your jam. If you want to start incorporating a little bit of moon magic in your life, start by paying attention to what moon phase we are currently in, noticing if you feel any different at different times especially if you’re female. And start thinking about writing goals and aspirations – even setting intentions around the new moon and creating little ‘letting-go’ rituals on the full moon if you’re feeling particularly cosmic. And notice whether the people around you act any differently around a full moon – from road rage to impatience or extra moodiness – you may just be surprised at what you find.


One final fact for you. The crescent moon in Australia is the opposite way around to the way we see it…. Go figure!


Katy x


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