Wellbeing, an intro

What is wellbeing? That’s the question that people have probably been asking themselves for hundreds of years, the subject of much scientific and philosophical debate and the core of what so many businesses try to trade off of. We all want it. So how do we get it?


While defining it can be simple (or not depending on who you ask) sometimes achieving it isn’t. The world provides a constant onslaught of stuff that can knock us right of our happy perch. Shit happens, standards are continually raised and everyday we are shown an idea of what happy people, nailing life should look like via social media and TV. But, most of it isn’t real. I suspect we all really know that deep down yet it doesn’t stop us from comparing ourselves to this ideal most of the time. To add to that, we don’t really get taught much in our younger years that would help us as adults to tackle some of the stuff we face big and small. I know I would have happily forgone algebra in exchange for some basic psychology and emotional wellbeing lessons (actually I’d have swapped it for anything).

I thought I had experienced some pretty stressy stuff (mostly work based stress, health related kind of stuff) which made me a pro when I started thinking about doing something ‘wellbeingy.’  I figured that maybe some of my experiences might help others? I didn’t know the half of it. When, more recently, my life as I know it was literally turned upside down I’ve had to dig really deep for all the stuff I’d learnt and stored away to try and get through it and suffice to say that’s when I realized that actually, you can never really prepare for the big stuff, the stuff that not only knocks you off your happy perch but boots you into orbit. And, fact is sometimes, wellbeing can be a bl**dy struggle. But we can all work towards building the inner resources to help us, we can look after ourselves in such a way that we not only build resilience and coping ability for the big stuff but we have a more balanced day to day.

So, ‘wellbeing’ for me is about always aiming towards feeling ok, in mind, body and spirit. It’s about feeling healthy, feeling like I have my sh*t together (or at least working towards it), liking myself, feeling emotionally strong and being able to lean back into life and going with the flow. It’s about doing the stuff you love, and doing the stuff you don’t with as much positivity as you can muster. But, its also about accepting that it’s ok to have down days, down weeks even, knowing that sh*t really can and will hit the fan but knowing that you will be ok. It’s about being kind to yourself, acting in a way thats in line with your morals, putting less pressure on yourself, building resilience and about finding a balance in just about everything. It’s also about being kind to others, harming no-one, recognising the impact we have on others and recognising when others need help and being selfless sometimes just because. Right now, the world feels like a very disconnected and ‘on edge’ kind of place so we could all do with being just that bit nicer. Basically, wellbeing is an art form and we are all pretty much winging our way towards it most of the time.

I’m certainly no expert and while life has been chucking me more than my fair share of lemons lately, I’m doing my best to make lemonade (finding it hard to forgive myself for that cheesy line)… So, on this blog I will write lots more about all of the above and share some of the stuff I believe in and that has worked for me because (warning: another cheesy line coming-up) if it helps just one other person, then it has to be worth it…


Katy x


  1. Sarah 24th February 2017 / 7:26 pm

    Great post Katy, looking forward to seeing lots more… i think its really important we look at our lives more holistically whilst we also appreciate how without the small things, there is no bigger picture.

    • katyebh
      25th February 2017 / 10:28 am

      Thank you 🙂

  2. Eva 3rd March 2017 / 3:53 pm

    What a greatapproach on life. Thanks for sharing…I think we all need a bit of reminding once in a while what it is all about xx

    • katyebh
      6th March 2017 / 10:50 am

      Thank you Eva,

      Yes, wellbeing is an art form alright and we could all do with a daily reminder 🙂

      Katy x

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